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Travel health advice & vaccinations

COVID -19 – Coronavirus

If you have returned to UK from China Hubei Province, or other Asian countries within the last 14 days.

As a precautionary measure we do not recommend you attend our clinics – please wait 2 weeks to book an appointment.

For further information and updates on COVID -19 Coronavirus we recommend that you read the current advice from Public Health England.

Travel Health Advice

Winchester Travel Health specialises in helping travellers make the right choices to minimise the health risks they face when travelling abroad. All our healthcare professionals are experts in travel health.

We provide up to date advice on all aspects of travel to reduce the risks of our clients becoming unwell while abroad.

Comprehensive Vaccination Service

Winchester Travel Health is a registered yellow fever centre and we stock most vaccines (such as rabies, cholera, Japanese encephalitis) and can usually obtain other non-stock vaccines within 48 hours. We also stock malaria tablets. In addition, we offer other vaccinations including meningitis B, chickenpox vaccine, whooping cough, flu, Hepatitis B for occupational health risks and a vaccine preventing cervical cancer (HPV) and some wart viruses.

For corporate customers, such as companies, colleges, schools and church groups, we can arrange off-site visits to vaccinate clients and we can offer education workshops including preventative advice.

We also offer Flu & Chicken Pox Vaccinations

At Winchester Travel Health we offer Flu & Chicken Pox vaccinations. For more information about Flu & Chicken Pox visit

Travel Advice

If you would like some general, country specific travel health advice before booking an appointment, Travel Health Pro is an excellent online resource for people travelling abroad from the UK.

See also latest information on the Zika virus.