Travelling with children is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Exploring new cultures, food, sights and languages can be not only fun but also educational.

Witnessing a small child discovering new worlds is a joyous time but it can also be worrying for parents. Reduce the concern by consulting experts in preventing travel associated illness before you plan your adventure.

We are ourselves parents as well as healthcare professionals and understand the challenges travelling with children can bring. We have travelled abroad with our own children so can offer advice on what has helped us to complement our evidence based care.

Child Friendly Service

Immunisation can be fun; playing games and supplying treats takes some of the stress out of vaccinations for children and their family, plus it makes it more fun for the nurses and doctors! Malaria tablets are available in child doses and general travel health advice should always be tailored to children who have their own risk assessments and management plans. For example, children can be at higher risk of rabies and malaria.

We highly the advice given by Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth who is a national travel health expert and the author of a number of excellent books providing practical, easy to read and expert advice on travelling with children.

Book an appointment with one of our specialist nurses to discuss your family’s adventure plans.

Child friendly products

We have a travel health supplies shop conveniently located next to Winchester train station. We stock a range of child friendly specialist products including:

  • Organic skin care (Green People)
  • Sensitive skin sun cream including SunSense
  • Children’s luggage and bags
  • Filter water bottles (Aquapure Traveller)
  • Natural and child safe insect repellents
  • Family First Aid Kits

All our products have been tried and tested by our staff and we use them for our kids