Malaria is the biggest killer in the world. A child dies every 30 seconds in Africa from the disease and yet travellers are often complacent about protecting themselves from this deadly disease.

Malaria is easily prevented with a course of tablets and the correct advice. It is important to ensure you get a specialist opinion on Malaria prevention as the medications suitable for an area change frequently.

The staff at Winchester Travel Health are able to ensure they are up to date daily with any changes in recommendations internationally and also make certain each client is given the prophylaxis which is most suitable for the destination and the individual. Joanna Lowry, Nurse Specialist at Winchester Travel Health, has a keen interest in Malaria prevention and provides all travellers to a Malaria endemic area with appropriate guidance on how to reduce the risks of contracting the disease.

Joanna is able to determine the most appropriate tablets for the individual’s trip and recommend the options available to each client.