Travellers of any age are starting to take GAP years and not all last a year. Travel Health is not just about the vaccines; the right advice and a little bit of knowledge before you travel is vital to staying healthy abroad.

Whether you are volunteering in Africa, mountaineering in Nepal or working as an au pair in Argentina, the staff at Winchester Travel Health will tailor the advice we give to your trip. No traveller is the same and nor is their adventure, so it is essential to get the correct advice for you.

All clients are offered a 30 minute consultation enabling the healthcare professionals to assess their unique risks and offer advice to suit their plans overseas.

Family and friends worry while their loved one is away regardless of what they are up to. We take time to include parents or other family members to reassure them while protecting the traveller’s confidentiality.

We advise all travellers to visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for the latest country-specific information and advice.

Book an appointment to discuss your risks and tell us about your adventures now.