Winchester Travel Health offers flu vaccinations each autumn to all who are not eligible for NHS flu vaccination.

This can be done for anyone at our clinic, or for corporate clients and schools, a group vaccination session can be carried out at your school or office. We already have a number of corporate clients for flu vaccine, so we advise you to contact us as soon as possible to arrange this as supply is can be limited.

Chicken pox vaccine is increasingly being requested for individuals not previously infected with Varicella or by families with young children. Chicken pox immunisation is part of other national childhood immunisation schedules including the United States of America where is it offered routinely to all children.

Immunisation can be arranged at any time but cannot be given within 4 weeks of MMR or any other live vaccine (please ask for more information). Two vaccinations are required for optimum lifelong immunity. A blood test may be required prior to immunisation to ensure the individual is not already immune to chicken pox.

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Book an appointment for your flu or Chicken Pox vaccinations.