All our staff are passionate about travel and ensuring our clients return safe and well. One of the pleasures of working in travel health is hearing about the amazing adventures of the people we meet.

Here are just some of the services Winchester Travel Health offers:

Travel Health Advice

All our healthcare professionals are experts in travel health. We provide education and teaching for other healthcare professionals to help develop travel health services in Hampshire and the UK.


Winchester Travel Health specializes in immunizations and we keep most vaccines in stock. Our knowledge is expert and current enabling us to provide protection against many travel associated illnesses including some of the more unusual infections.

Malaria Prophylaxis

Not just the tablets, we offer a complete malaria awareness consultation including bite prevention, medication choices and signs and symptoms of the infection. No prescription required – our doctors and nurses have the tablets in stock.

Tropical Disease Specialists

We know about the diseases which helps us prevent the infections better.

Medical Kits

Winchester Travel Health stocks a range of medical kits suitable for every traveller. For the 2 day business trip, to the year in a war zone, we have a kit to suit your trip. Medical kits can also be tailor made to suit the individual client.

Travel Health Products

We have a range of products we know and love for when we travel so all the staff know we can recommend each highly. Useful ideas such as paracetamol in little plastic pots, and once a day sun cream, make the products we stock designed for travel.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your travel plans.

Travel Insurance

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