Shingles is a common and painful disease. It can strike unexpectedly and can cause long term debilitating pain. We are very fortunate in the UK that a vaccine is now available on the NHS for individuals who are aged either 70, with a catch up programme for 79 year olds.

Unfortunately the NHS is currently unable to offer the Shingles vaccine to individuals aged between 50 and 70 years, 71-78 years or over 80 years. If you fall into one of these age groups, the vaccine is only available in limited supply in the UK even privately.

Winchester Travel Health is delighted to be offering the Shingles vaccine to any individual over the age of 50 years despite the shortages. We highly recommend booking your immunisation while stock is still available to protect yourself against this painful and life changing disease.

Call 01962 856646 to reserve you and your partner a vaccine now.

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