Over the last few days, we have received several enquiries from travellers worried about travelling to West Africa and asking for information about Ebola.

Our Medical Director, Dr Matthew Dryden, MD FRCPath, gives this advice to those travelling to the affected areas of west Africa:

It is recommended that the following precautions are taken by travellers to areas with on-going cases:

  • Avoid contact with symptomatic patients and their bodily fluids
  • Avoid contact with corpses and/or bodily fluids from deceased patients
  • Avoid close contact with live or dead wild animals (including monkeys, forest antelopes, rodents and bats)
  • Avoid consumption of “bush meat”
  • Wash and peel fruits and vegetables before consumption
  • Practise safe sex
  • Follow strict hand washing routines

Travellers who have been potentially exposed to Ebola virus should seek medical attention immediately if they experience any symptoms consistent with Ebola within the first 21 days of return to the UK.

Further details are available from the Nathnac link http://nathnac.org